Amateur Radio Technology Update Sessions

During 2018, we plan to run a series of specialist Amateur Radio technology update training sessions on different aspects of the hobby.  Many experienced radio amateurs (hams) are very confident using their SSB, FM and CW rigs but less so on some of  the new digital technologies.

The sessions will explain the theory, how to use the technology and then back this up with demonstrations, followed by the opportunity to “try it out” live in our Operations Room.  Areas we are considering for such training sessions include:

  • DStar
  • DMR
  • System Fusion
  • Data Modes including RTTY and PSK31
  • WSPR
  • Communicating using OSCAR satellites
  • Software Defined Radios SDR.
  • Amateur Television
  • NVIS antennas
  • Moonbounce

We plan to run these sessions on a Sunday and will be either a full or half day and cost £35 or £25 respectively.

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