Coding for Radio Amateurs

In February 2020, we are starting Computer Coding evening courses for adults and children over 16, who are either licenced Radio Amateurs or just interested in amateur radio.

The first course is aimed at those who do not understand coding (computer programming) but would like to learn the mysteries of coding in Python and using the Raspberry Pi computer. No previous knowledge will be required.

The first course will run for six weeks and is aimed at the complete beginner as regards coding and computers. There will be a maximum class size of eight, so get your name down quickly.

The second course will also run for six weeks, commencing immediately after the first. eg. towards the end of March 2020. It will use the Raspberry Pi and Arduino computers to develop applications and projects for use in your amateur radio station. Some of the electronics construction will take place in our electronics workshop. The second course is designed for people who have completed the first course and for those who can already code in Python and have previously used a Raspberry Pi at home understanding things such as GPIO. There will be a maximum class size of twelve, so get your name down quickly.

The museum will provide the PC laptops and Raspberry pi computers for both courses however we recommend that for course two you have your own Raspberry Pi computer to use at home.

Each course will cost £60 (incl VAT), i.e. £10 per two-hour session and that includes coffee, tea and biscuits! Each course is payable in full at the time of registration.

Click here to book on the course(s) that you are interested in.