This museum would not be possible without the generous support of sponsors both companies and individuals.

Main Sponsor:


ecl.technology have provided us with the building in which we operate, as well as much of the test equipment for our ESD Laboratory and workshop.  They are an electronics and software development company based in Derby.  The  equipment and embedded software they have designed and manufactured is used by their customers in most Universities in the UK and major organisations around the world. (visit www.ecl.technology )


Supporting Sponsors:

Deaf Alerter plc

Deaf Alerter plc have helped our museum become disabled person friendly.  They have installed one of their Deaf Alerter®, radio-based, fire alarm and messaging systems for deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as hearing aid inductive loop and infra-red  systems for hearing aid wearers.  For wheel chairs users they have installed Refuge Alerter®, their radio-based refuge communication system. ( visit www.deaf-alerter.com )