Technology Club

The Technology Club is for children aged 10 to 18, who can program in Python and have either attended our ten-week beginners’ electronics course, or have a good basic grasp of electronics and how to use various components and tools.

Python, C++, HTML, CSS, coding projects

PC, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC MicroBit platforms

3D printing and laser cutting projects

Designing and building electronics

amateur radio projects

Build and launch of solid fuel rockets

Build, launch and track High Altitude balloons


Space communications


e vehicles

Design and graphics projects using Adobe Studio

outside visits to places of technology interest

The projects provide an interesting window into science and engineering, with a blend of theory and hands-on practical opportunities.

At any point in time, there are multiple streams and projects aimed at children with differing levels of experience and capability. (Note: age is not always the decider on what they do, as many youngsters are proving to be very capable!). The flexible nature of the projects means that children can join the club at anytime, not just the start of term


The costs levied to attend the Technology Club are to offset the direct costs of the components and equipment consumed completing the projects.

Each term lasts ten weeks, at a cost of £100 (incl VAT), which equates to £10 per two-hour session. There is no refund for sessions not attended. However, in their first term, new starters only pay pro-rata from their start date to the end of the first term.

Technology Club meeting dates for 2020

Spring Term

January 11th 2020 to 28th March 2020

Half Term break 20th and 27th February 2020

Easter break 4th to 18th April 2020

Summer Term

30th April 2020 to 11th July 2020

Half Term break 28th May and 4th June 2020

Autumn Term

12th September 2020 to 28th November 2020

Half Term break 24th and 31st October 2020